Thursday, June 5, 2008

Softball, a fun game OR my worst nightmare?

"Sign up for the church softball team, Bodecia. It will be fun!" she says "Lots of people you know, and its lower division so nobody else will really no how to play either!" she says. So I listened to Olivia signed up and showed up for practise 5 weeks ago. As it turns out I only knew one person on the field and I was the only other person besides Stacy who had never played before. The best part however is that both the lower and the middle divisions were full so we were playing in the upper league, you know the almost good enough to be professional league, upper division. Ya. But I didn't really start panicking until the coach had to come over and show me the right way to THROW THE BALL! Yep that was embarrassing.

Well it is 5 weeks later and I just got home from a game. Things are going really well despite my doubts. The ladies on the team are SOOOOOO nice. I have only known them for only a short time but I already feel like they have known me my whole life. We are constantly cheering each other on, even when we mess up, I show up for practise and I am sure to get at least three hugs and a couple of high fives. The other day one of the other girls walks up and kinda nudges me and says " I am glad you're here Bo". They make me feel so special!

Being in the upper division hasn't been to bad either. It turns out that when everyone else on the team knows what they are doing it is almost like having 13 coaches. I walked off of the field after batting tonight and I got swamped with tips on how to improve. Also if I get confused about something, even if I am in the middle of the field during an inning I can just call "HELP!" and someone will tell me exactly what to do.

Coach says I am doing a lot better (although my throwing COULD still use some work), and I am having a blast. I think I have finally found a sport that I really enjoy. Its funny because I am the kind of person who usually only enjoys what I am good at, but even though we have been SLAUGHTERED every game so far, I am still having an absolute blast. I couldn't have asked for a better team.

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