Saturday, June 21, 2008


When a friend of mine was expecting her newest son, we would take her to older boys on Wednesdays. Once when they were over back in April I let them each pick what they wanted and
told them I would make it for them.

The oldest at 7 said that he wanted a Penguin. I searched and searched for a penguin pattern but could not find one anywhere! When I finally found on it was so insanely difficult I could not even decipher the pattern. So we ended up going with a manta ray which was his second choice. I found the pattern at Roman Sock

The younger at 5 said he just wanted a white bunny. So that was what he got. I found the pattern here

Both of these patterns were SUPER easy. But just a comment on the bunny pattern. I have used that pattern twice and each time I have almost abandoned the project before it is finished. You get about halfway through and the poor thing looks so homely and deformed that it makes you want
to quit. But stick with it once you get the ears and the tail on it is adorable.

Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of the Manta Ray before I gave it to away but here are some pictures of the bunny and of the boys with their new toys!

I am so glad these are done and the boys love them!

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