Friday, June 27, 2008

Open House

Tomorrow is my open house and despite my earlier misgivings I am really excited about it. Over a hundred people coming tomorrow just to see me! Now that's got to make someone feel special. Not to mention all the work my family put into this party for me, especially my mom. I was able to hand deliver some of my invitations and people seemed genuinely excited. We also got to get out all the old pictures and reminisce (wow that makes me sound old) about when I was really little. That was a lot of fun. Plus I have an AMAZING cake that deserves a blog post all of its own.


pattis1234 said...


I cannot tell you how much I wish we were there today! These are the hard things to miss! Know that you were in my prayers and thoughts today! You are such a beautiful, loving, joyful, encouraging, and faithful woman of God! I am blessed to know Jessica Kuchlbauer!

Mrs. Salvador

Bodecia Arietty said...

I hope you don't feel bad, and know that you were here in spirit all day. I was thinking about you and Mrs. Mead made your special brownies... Mmmm almost as good as if they were made by you!I love you and your family so much! Oh and your Mom and Dad came. They are so sweet. I love the way that even though I don't know them all that way they both came up and gave me a BIG hug. I always feel like a member of the family whenever I am around them!