Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who is ready for some FOOOOTTTTTBAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!

Louise, was given four tickets to a Thursday night Broncos game a couple of months back. Very fun. We decided that Ryan would stay home and watch the babies and Louise and I would go with Baby Megan's Mom. As it turns out Louise's friend wasn't able to make it to the game so Louise and Ryan not wanting to waste the two extra tickets, started asking around work to see if they could find anyone who would like to go.

Louise came home Thursday afternoon and said Ryan had found two ladies he works with who were interested and they were going to drop by later that evening so we could all drive together. I was very excited about going to my first NFL game and when it was about the right time I went downstairs and started getting ready. A little while later to let me know that Sam and Megan, Ryan's two co-workers had arrived, so I finished and went upstairs.

I was expecting to meet two middle-aged ladies, with mom jeans, flip hair styles and blazers but rather at the top of the stairs were two 19 year olds, in ripped jeans, glitter eye shadow and texting on their hot pink blackberries. I was very surprised to say the least. It turns out they were paralegals who acted even younger then they were.

It was pretty funny. I had expected the car ride to be filled with talk of bankruptcy law and the newest casserole recipe but instead we talked about tattoos, the cute guy who came into the office that day and how they couldn't believe we had left Ryan at home with the babies, to which we kindly pointed out that he was a 30 year old lawyer who was also their FATHER.

The game was a lot of fun. Actually it was also pretty funny. The girls were pretty fixated on a rather attractive air force cadet a few rows ahead and Louise, like a typical new Mom, would find a way to point every conversation back to her babies. The night went kind of like this: "Wow do you see that super cute cadet up there? Maybe we should ask for his phone number!" "You want to know what is really cute... Victor when he is eating his bottle!" "That pass was amazing" "Daniel is starting to get quite the little arm. We think he is going to grow up to be a baseball catcher someday!" It was great.

Louise and I weren't trying to be mean, but some of the stuff they said was pretty funny. Some of our favorite quotes were "I read this autobiography the other day and like, everything in it was like, 100% true!" and "I wanted to be a lawyer but then I started working at the law firm and decided I wanted to have a life. So now I want to be a personal trainer... or go into international business." Louise and I are now constantly saying things like "I want to be a princess but if that doesn't work out I want to be a marine biologist." "I want to be a preschool teacher, or maybe I will become the President."

It was a great night. Lots of laughs. Good company. Football. What could be better?

Monday, March 15, 2010


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who e-mailed and called last week to tell me how much the enjoyed my blog. It was very sweet and encouraging.

At first a freaked out a little when I found out my blog that was being read only by my Mom, my Aunt and my friends in Tennessee (Spitdoor shout out!), had jumped to 240 views! People that I hardly knew were coming up and saying things like "That post about the donuts was so funny" "I loved that picture of Vic and Baby Megan". I thought in a panic "Who are these people and why are they reading my blog!" I felt an overwhelming urge to go back and check the spelling and grammar on all of my 80+ posts! But I have really come to appreciate all of the kind comments, friendly e-mails and calls. It is nice to know that my friends know what I am up to (even if my grammar is horrible) and it is fun to be able to get such a great response to the pictures of two babies that I love so much.

So thank you. Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone and then being there to tell me what a great job I am doing. I love you guys!

It's GO time!

So Louise and I are tired of complaining about our weight and decided to do something about it. We want to be even HOTTER than we are now... I know, I am not sure that is possible either =). Louise was talking to her good friend who mentioned that she was currently doing a new diet called "The Game On Diet". It sounded like fun (no it is not against the law to use the word "diet" and "fun" in the same sentence) so we thought we would give it a go.

Ryan, Louise and I will all be collecting points over the next two weeks for good choices and healthy habits. We receive 6 points for every meal that meets the diets criteria, 20 points for exercising for twenty minutes a day, 15 points for getting 7 hours of sleep, 10 points for drinking 3 liters of water each day, and 20 points for getting rid of one bad habit and starting a new good one. You get penalties for snacking and bonuses for losing weight. At the end of the two weeks the person with the most points wins a prize. For us it is going to be a "Saturday-Your-Way", meaning that the winner gets to do whatever they want for one Saturday and the losers have to accommodate. You can go where you want, eat what you want, do what you want and pick what you want to watch on TV. SO COOL! I think when I win I want to have waffles and strawberries for breakfast, and then have everyone go to the zoo, aquarium, or maybe on tour of Coors field!

This diet has alot of really cool aspects to it. For one it is a competition (very fun), there is a long term prize and a lot of short term rewards. The diet knows that you aren't going to be able to eat only fruits and veggies for the rest of your life, so every week you get one meal off and one day off. I think this is brilliant because I don't have to say goodbye to my one true love of special popcorn... and oreos... oh and chocolate bars....mmmm and slushies.... OK I need to get back on topic before I start drooling on the keyboard. There are no strict rules on exercising, just get up and be active for 20 minutes a day (Ryan likes this because he can play wii for his exercise.) I also like that the plan is structured more for good health than for weight loss. Yes you will lose weight on this plan, most people lose 10-20 lbs. but it is more about developing good habits and a healthy life style than anything else.

The bad thing is that we are having to make a lot of changes in the way we eat. No more mac and cheese, no more casseroles, no more special popcorn, no more ice cream.... except on our days off. But I am still really excited. One of the weeks we will be on vacation in Tucson so it should be interesting to see if we can stick with it. Hopefully if all goes well we will have another bigger game where we will compete against our friends and family, let me know if you want in on it. If you want to find out more about the diet, you can get the book "The Game On Diet" or visit the website, Just be careful because although it is an excellent plan, the book has language in it that would make a sailor blush... Wish Ryan and Louise luck because I am going to kick their BUTTS!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Stacy came out to visit a few weeks ago. We had so much fun! I took a ridiculous amount of photos on this trip and I am going to share a whole BUNCH with you. So go get a cup of tea, and settle in....

I am so excited that Stacy finally got a chnace to come out and visit me here in Colorado. I have been missing her bunches. We had a blast but there were a few ruff patches in the trip. The most significant has been named "Woocius Week". Yes it is just what it sounds like. We all came down with the stomach flu =P.
Louise got it first and was pretty sick for about a day and a half. Her Mom (my Auntie G), heard that she was sick and as a surprise bought a plane ticket and flew out with Stacy to take care of her. It was so cute! Louise was very surprised and pleased. Then Ryan got sick and threw up so much that he had to go to the emergency room and finally poor Stacy got sick. On vacation. It was very sad.

But that was the worst of it. After that things started looking up. We went to this crazy ballet of "The Beauty and the Beast" that was a little more "modern" than we had expected and were a little creeped out. We drove around and went on an adventure to find a Sonic resturant (a vacation tradition of ours). We drove up to Idaho Springs to eat pizza and socialize with hippies, and we went to Red Rocks where these pictures are from.

Later on in the week Auntie G watched the boys for the day so Stacy and I could go on a trip down to the Springs.


We went to the Manitou Cliff Dwelings which I was afraid was going to be lame but was actually very neat.

We saw this bossy sign and just couldn't resist....

Then we went and walked around Manitou Springs were it started snowing like crazy. We saw some hippies, went into a few shops, but then were so cold and wet we decided we should head for the hotel. That night we hung out in our nice hotel room and ate ice cream in bed, watched movies and went hot tubing. It was so wonderful.

The next morning we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It was very neat. We were able to get up close and personal with some giraffes.

Ryan had told me a few days ago that giraffes have blue tongues but I didn't really believe him. Turns out he was right. He knows everything, and what he dosen't know he makes up. =)

There was a beautiful view from the top of the mountain.

We went to Garden of the Gods were we saw some really cool rock formations. It was pretty but not quite as cool as everyone had been telling me it was. I think it might be one of those things that is really cool if you are old, really young, or really, really like rocks.

And finally the BEST part of our entire trip to Colorado Springs....


Stacy and I had so much fun on this trip (despite the puking) and I really hope she can come out again before it is time for me to go home.

A day in the life of a super nanny....

One day a week Little Baby Megan comes over to play. I am really starting to get the swing of having three babies, and I rather enjoy those days. However they do get a little busy. My day goes something like this.

Feed a boy, change a boy's diaper, put him down for a nap.

Feed a boy, change a boy's diaper, put him down for a nap.

Feed a girl, change a girl's diaper, put her down for a nap.


Get a boy up, change a boy's diaper, feed him.

Get a boy up, change a boy's diaper, feed him.

Get a girl up, change a girl's diaper, feed her.


But just look how cute they are! I love my job.

When I decided to take this position I promised myself that I wasn't going to let "Blithe Remarks" turn into a baby blog... mmmhmmm...

"Blithe Remarks" has pretty much become posts about babies. Or crafts. Or if your really lucky a post about crafts for babies!

But I figure it is OK because alot of people blog about work and since I have pretty much the best job in the world (except for the occasional spit up or poop explosion) I don't mind that my blog has been taken over with baby photos. Besides I live at work and these are pretty much the cutest babies I have ever seen. But I am a little biased...

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....

We have been enjoying some fantastic early March weather here in Colorado. It has just been gorgeous. So I have been taking boys for lots of nice walks in the park by our house. We read stories, swing on swings, say hi to dogs, and Danny usually sings us some nice songs as we walk around the loop. Here are some pictures from our latest outing. Victor is in the blue hat and Daniel is in the khaki.