Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who is ready for some FOOOOTTTTTBAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!

Louise, was given four tickets to a Thursday night Broncos game a couple of months back. Very fun. We decided that Ryan would stay home and watch the babies and Louise and I would go with Baby Megan's Mom. As it turns out Louise's friend wasn't able to make it to the game so Louise and Ryan not wanting to waste the two extra tickets, started asking around work to see if they could find anyone who would like to go.

Louise came home Thursday afternoon and said Ryan had found two ladies he works with who were interested and they were going to drop by later that evening so we could all drive together. I was very excited about going to my first NFL game and when it was about the right time I went downstairs and started getting ready. A little while later to let me know that Sam and Megan, Ryan's two co-workers had arrived, so I finished and went upstairs.

I was expecting to meet two middle-aged ladies, with mom jeans, flip hair styles and blazers but rather at the top of the stairs were two 19 year olds, in ripped jeans, glitter eye shadow and texting on their hot pink blackberries. I was very surprised to say the least. It turns out they were paralegals who acted even younger then they were.

It was pretty funny. I had expected the car ride to be filled with talk of bankruptcy law and the newest casserole recipe but instead we talked about tattoos, the cute guy who came into the office that day and how they couldn't believe we had left Ryan at home with the babies, to which we kindly pointed out that he was a 30 year old lawyer who was also their FATHER.

The game was a lot of fun. Actually it was also pretty funny. The girls were pretty fixated on a rather attractive air force cadet a few rows ahead and Louise, like a typical new Mom, would find a way to point every conversation back to her babies. The night went kind of like this: "Wow do you see that super cute cadet up there? Maybe we should ask for his phone number!" "You want to know what is really cute... Victor when he is eating his bottle!" "That pass was amazing" "Daniel is starting to get quite the little arm. We think he is going to grow up to be a baseball catcher someday!" It was great.

Louise and I weren't trying to be mean, but some of the stuff they said was pretty funny. Some of our favorite quotes were "I read this autobiography the other day and like, everything in it was like, 100% true!" and "I wanted to be a lawyer but then I started working at the law firm and decided I wanted to have a life. So now I want to be a personal trainer... or go into international business." Louise and I are now constantly saying things like "I want to be a princess but if that doesn't work out I want to be a marine biologist." "I want to be a preschool teacher, or maybe I will become the President."

It was a great night. Lots of laughs. Good company. Football. What could be better?

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