Thursday, March 11, 2010


Stacy came out to visit a few weeks ago. We had so much fun! I took a ridiculous amount of photos on this trip and I am going to share a whole BUNCH with you. So go get a cup of tea, and settle in....

I am so excited that Stacy finally got a chnace to come out and visit me here in Colorado. I have been missing her bunches. We had a blast but there were a few ruff patches in the trip. The most significant has been named "Woocius Week". Yes it is just what it sounds like. We all came down with the stomach flu =P.
Louise got it first and was pretty sick for about a day and a half. Her Mom (my Auntie G), heard that she was sick and as a surprise bought a plane ticket and flew out with Stacy to take care of her. It was so cute! Louise was very surprised and pleased. Then Ryan got sick and threw up so much that he had to go to the emergency room and finally poor Stacy got sick. On vacation. It was very sad.

But that was the worst of it. After that things started looking up. We went to this crazy ballet of "The Beauty and the Beast" that was a little more "modern" than we had expected and were a little creeped out. We drove around and went on an adventure to find a Sonic resturant (a vacation tradition of ours). We drove up to Idaho Springs to eat pizza and socialize with hippies, and we went to Red Rocks where these pictures are from.

Later on in the week Auntie G watched the boys for the day so Stacy and I could go on a trip down to the Springs.


We went to the Manitou Cliff Dwelings which I was afraid was going to be lame but was actually very neat.

We saw this bossy sign and just couldn't resist....

Then we went and walked around Manitou Springs were it started snowing like crazy. We saw some hippies, went into a few shops, but then were so cold and wet we decided we should head for the hotel. That night we hung out in our nice hotel room and ate ice cream in bed, watched movies and went hot tubing. It was so wonderful.

The next morning we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It was very neat. We were able to get up close and personal with some giraffes.

Ryan had told me a few days ago that giraffes have blue tongues but I didn't really believe him. Turns out he was right. He knows everything, and what he dosen't know he makes up. =)

There was a beautiful view from the top of the mountain.

We went to Garden of the Gods were we saw some really cool rock formations. It was pretty but not quite as cool as everyone had been telling me it was. I think it might be one of those things that is really cool if you are old, really young, or really, really like rocks.

And finally the BEST part of our entire trip to Colorado Springs....


Stacy and I had so much fun on this trip (despite the puking) and I really hope she can come out again before it is time for me to go home.

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