Thursday, March 27, 2008


Ok so I am typing this post in the college library. The computers here are supposed to be for cource research only but I am breaking the rules. In fact I have broken alot of rules today. I am feeling quite rebellious! The four that I have broken so far are:
1) Stacy and I stopped and bought slushies before 9 AM (I am sure this is a rule somewhere)
2) I am not researching on a computer dedicated to researching
3) I arrived for class 5 minutes late and then
4) I left my class an hour early for no other reason besides I was bored.

Here is the story. I left during the break. I went to the front put on as solemn an expression I could muster, asked my teacher for the handouts, apologized profusly and LEFT! HAHAHA! I feel so naughty! But honestly I don't think I could have listend to her lecture for anouther hour without my brain melting from boredom. The past two three hour classes have been entirly on the Emmancipation Proclomation. The first class period was pretty interesting and I learned alot but now it just kinda seems like she is beating a dead horse.

Thankfully the rest of this day is going to be much more interesting. We (Stacy, Emily and I, poor Olivia had to baby-sit) are going roller-skating. Actually for me it is more of a seeing-how-many-times-you-have-to-fall-down-before-your-knees-turn-blue, which is fun too. Several other people from our church are going to be there so we should have a very good time. I am planning on taking Herman with me so I will try and upload pictures later.

Ok so here is my challenge to you: GO DO SOMETHING REBELLIOUS! Now I am not telling you to break the law or anything but just do something that you normally would think was rude or irresponsible, just once, just for fun. Talk with your mouth full, make a prank call, jump on your bed, go outside and stick the last of those peeps you got for Easter all over Dads car! Have a little fun, break a few rules and then tell me about it.

Taking the Plunge...

Alright, so I had planned to start this blog with some long elegant speech about how I know probably no one will read this blog, but that I am looking forward to writing my personal thoughts here. Maybe even talk about how I hope you will find my entries funny and encouraging BLAH BLAH BLAH. But after three days of trying to think of something impressive to write for an opening I decided to give up and just take the plunge into the world of blogging. Who wants to be eloquent anyways!