Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I was invited to my first Birthday Party since I was seven a few weeks ago, by a really sweet girl from work named Maggie. The invitation was beautiful and I was very excited. She had invited about 50 people, and it was supposed to be a black tie Poker event. I was so excited, I was going to get dressed up AND win a ton of money, right? Well not quite, the party wasn't what I had expected but I did end up learning quite a few things.

I showed up for the party right at 6:30 (It is important to be on time for these kinds of things) I didn't bring anyone with me, well because I don't have a boyfriend (not that I want one boys have cooties!) and I figured we would be playing poker all night so it wouldn't matter. I was wearing a beautiful yet modest tea length brown satin dress that Mom had bought for my sister's wedding and I looked fantastic (if I do say so myself =) ). I walked inside to find that no one else had arrived yet and that the hostess was still preparing things. No big deal, I just helped where I could and waited for the guests to arrive, and waited, and waited. Finally at about 8:00 people started showing up and I was very pleased when Kathryn and Kristen, two girls from work whom I like very much showed up. Neither if them had dates either so we kinda hung out for the night.

They turned off all the lights except for a couple of blue flicker lights and turned the music up really loud in the kitchen so the three of us retreated into the living room. We were talking on the sofa when a group of people came in said they were going to do something called a "Hooka". Someone asked me if I wanted to try and I said "Hooka! Thats fun to say! What is it?". "You know, you smoke stuff in it. Its fun." they replied. Someone demonstarated for me by taking a long puff out of the mouth piece and then gestured the same mouth piece to me. Now I didn't exactly know what stuff was, but I was certainly not going to put my mouth on the same thing that strangers spit had been all over! So I said in as sweet a voice as I could "No thank you, looks like a good way to get strep throat to me!"

The rest of the night was pretty boring most people either madeout with thier boyfriends/girlfriends, told "drinking stories" that I am pretty sure most of them made up since the Birthday girl was only turning 19 and most of them looked younger than her, or played a game called "Water Pong" which I had never heard of. I asked someone to explain it to me, but they just said "It's like Beer Pong" which confirmed why I had never heard of it. I did have a good time though, Kristen introduced me to everyone by saying "This is Kuchl, she has 18 goats!" and I got to talk alot with Kathryn who I learned I really liked. She is very nice, and funny with a slight sense of sarcasim that I find hilarious. She even took me upstairs to see the birthday girls pet Chinchilla. It was sweet! I had never seen a chinchilla before!

I am not sure if I would go to anouther party like this one if invited but I did learn alot of stuff like :

1) You watch parties on TV and they look like alot of fun, but they are really pretty boring.

2) Just because a word like "Hooka" is fun to say that dosen't mean you should smoke from it

3) I understand why Highschool girls want boyfriends so much, its because they are someone for you to talk to at parties

4) Highschool boys are IDIOTS! OK maybe not all Highschool boys but it seems like most of them. How did I learn this? Well it was pretty obvious when they started daring each other to stick the crab wontons and cocktail weenies in the chocolate fountain and then eat them!

5) Don't ever take a picture of yourself licking your boyfriends face it just makes you look stupid and dosen't result in a very good picture (Oh and I am NOT implying that you should ask someone else to take a picture of you licking your boyfriends face, thats just creepy!)

6) Nice people don't always have nice friends

And the last and most important thing I learned was...

CHINCHILLA'S ROCK! If you have never seen one find someone who has one as a pet. They are all they are rumored to be and more! But don't stick your fingers in the cage because they bite... Hard!

All in all, I think it was a good experience.