Sunday, May 15, 2011


I am now officially a  "Pattern Designer". I just published my first pattern. You can check it out at

Hurray! Another New Years resolution crossed off!

Friday, May 13, 2011

So here is the thing....

So here is the thing.... next time you find yourself biking downhill, on a dirt road, without a helmet and you hit a GIANT pot hole it isn't a good idea to try and break your fall with your knees.

 I was almost to the end of my 10 mile bike ride when I found myself in this situation. There was a car on my left and a ditch on my right so I couldn't swerve. I was going too fast to brake. I knew I needed my brain if I was going to finish my anatomy class so I decided to plant my feet and hope for the best. I ended up getting my right leg twisted inside of my bike. Not so much fun.

 I laid in the middle of the road for a few seconds, the oncoming car waiting patiently to see if I was alive. I untangled myself and made an assessment. My brain was safe. Thank you God. I could put weight on my knee even though it hurt. Thank you God. My jeans weren't ripped. Thank you God. My ipod didn't break. THANK YOU GOD!

As soon as the car realized I was for the most part in one piece, they zoomed pass. Thanks so much. I called my Dad and he came and picked me up. All in all not too bad. A couple of bruises, a moderate abrasion on the dorsal right arm, distal to the elbow (anatomy class remember!) and I think I might have hyper extended my knee. It is OK. I am going to keep it iced for the next couple of days and maybe get out the trusty crutches (Oh, how I hate them!). I am sure it will all work out.

Anyways don't break your fall with your knees. It hurts. Now you know!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Royal Wedding Party!

Unfortunately Will and Kate forgot to send Emily and I our invitation to the wedding. It wasn't a big deal though because we decided to throw our own party! We knew that the Happy Couple had requested everyone wear hats to the big event so we made our own...

Mine featured the Royal Love Birds. The tag says "she was beautiful" because Emily and I still don't understand how Will got a hottie like that. I know he is a prince and rich, but he isn't THAT rich. Emily says "He doesn't look that bad when he is moving... Really fast...."

Emily's hat had a bunch of netting coming off of the back of a white, sparkly, tophat. A plastic Bride and Groom were attached to a spring and fastened to the front. The effect was quite breathtaking.

We woke up at 4 AM, so that we could watch the wedding live before I had to leave for work. We had made berries, cream and scones the night before which we ate for breakfast with tea. Well, I started off with tea, but when the full realization of waking up at 4 AM sunk in I switched to a giant mug of coffee!

But it was OK, even the Queen needs her coffee now and then....

 Watching the wedding was really fun. Emily and I were overtired and hyped up on caffeine and sugar, so we put the TV on mute and made up conversations that the wedding guests were having.
 Kate's gown was beautiful, Will had big ears, the Queen was old, and there were lots of British accents. Well worth waking up early for. 

Except for commercials... I hate commercials....