Thursday, January 28, 2010

What are you doing out there!?!

My Mom says "Bodecia, you aren't in school and there are still no new blog posts! What are you doing out there!?!"

The awnser... crocheting! Megan introduced me to a new website called It has all kinds of fun patterns and tools for knitters and crocheters and it has gotten me all excited about new projects. Here are some pictures....

Danny is a dinosaur baby because instead of cooing or giggling he shrieks and growls making all kinds of very nice dino noises. I figured every dino baby needs some friends so I made him these little guys as a Christmas present.

Louise and I started these blocks back in November. We were looking through a baby toy magazine and saw some similar blocks for around $35. I said "We can make these..." We went to Joanns and got some nice cotton and foam and took off. It took us a very long time to finish them but with the help of Megan they are finally done. We were going to make six, but decided on four when we stitched the first one up and realized how big it was. We wanted them to be a nice size for baby hands to grab, but they grew exponentially and are now bigger than the babies heads.... ooops....

Rocket Bear, is Victor's nickname. It was given to him after we bought him a pair of jammies covered in little rocketships. This was also a Christmas present and as you can tell by the photos he has already been well loved. So well loved in fact that I have already needed to stitch his legs back on =). The rocket ship has a tiny rattle inside and the bear's arms and legs are jointed.

This is the latest project. A stacking ring toy. It was inspired by a pattern found at, but we decided we could make it much cuter than that. So instead of a frog, a dragonfly, a ladybug and a bumblebee on a lillypad, we are making a bunny, a squirel, some bees buzzing in a berry patch, and a bear ontop of a rock. The second one will be a happy sun, a pig, some chicks, and a cow ontop of a farm. I will upload some more pictures when they are done.

Yes I am a tiny bit obsessed with babies right now, but look at these faces...

Wouldn't you be obsessed too?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cowboy Up...

I went to the RODEO! YA!

Yep it was pretty much the most awesome thing ever. Ryan, Louise, the boys, Ryan's little sister, and I got all packed up and went to the Stock show on Saturday. The stock show is a month long exhibition and stock sale that helps remind Coloradians that they are still cowboys (even if it is only for one month out of the year =) ). I was really excited that we all got to go, usually someone has to stay home with the boys and we had a blast.

There was a light show complete with lasers, fireworks and cowgirls in glow in the dark costumes. We were worried that the boys were going to freak out but they did really well. Actually a loud firework went off and I jumped more than Danny did!

There was calf roping, huge stage coaches, liberty style horse exhibitions, a llama and alpaca show and so much more. My favorite part however was the bull riding. I know I said a few months ago that I wanted to be an opera singer, but I changed my mind. I want to be a rodeo star! The fringe, the boots, the glory! The sound the buzzer makes when you have stayed on the back of a rampaging bull for 8 seconds without permenatly injuring yourself and the sweet yet tangy smell of fried twinkies mixed with horse manure! Does life get any better than this? Hey maybe I could be an opera singing, bull rider! That would really be perfect!

The boys also loved the rodeo. Danny didn't want to take a nap because he was so busy watching all of the horses. I guess this is only fitting as he is a little sherriff. His brother, who is a train conductor, also had a good time, but a had a little bit of a melt down towards the end of the night. We promised to go to the train mueseum next time. The highlight of my evening though was when we went and saw the llamas and alpacas. I have a tiny stuffed llama named Griffith that was given to me by some friends. It is the boys favorite toy. So imagine thier excitment when we wandered into the stable area and found a WHOLE ROOM filled with gigantic Griffiths! It was very exciting and very cute. We had a wonderful time and I hope to go back again before it is all over.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Life in Oz...

My sweet Aunt Keke, who lives in California, always says she feels like she somehow got transported to Oz. California can be a kooky place sometimes! So I made my sweet little Dorthy a pair of Ruby slippers a few months back. It's my own basic slipper pattern and then I hand stitched over 500 "rubies" or red sequins all over them. I took some pictures but they got lost in the 100s of photos saved on my computer. I found them today and thought I would do a post. I LOVE YOU Aunt Keke...