Monday, March 15, 2010


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who e-mailed and called last week to tell me how much the enjoyed my blog. It was very sweet and encouraging.

At first a freaked out a little when I found out my blog that was being read only by my Mom, my Aunt and my friends in Tennessee (Spitdoor shout out!), had jumped to 240 views! People that I hardly knew were coming up and saying things like "That post about the donuts was so funny" "I loved that picture of Vic and Baby Megan". I thought in a panic "Who are these people and why are they reading my blog!" I felt an overwhelming urge to go back and check the spelling and grammar on all of my 80+ posts! But I have really come to appreciate all of the kind comments, friendly e-mails and calls. It is nice to know that my friends know what I am up to (even if my grammar is horrible) and it is fun to be able to get such a great response to the pictures of two babies that I love so much.

So thank you. Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone and then being there to tell me what a great job I am doing. I love you guys!

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