Saturday, June 21, 2008


I have so many projects in the works right now! I thought I would make alist to help organize my thoughts and give you guys a heads up as to some of the great things to come (If I ever finish them!)

Projects in the Works...
  • A box of knitted bears for the Mother Bear Project
  • A crocheted nativity that I started for my Mom for Christmas
  • A bag I started for Emily for Christmas
  • An Alice in Wonderland Doll
  • A large plush mustache
  • An Ood plushie for my friend Fedora
  • Two Narwhals...

Projects Being Procrastinated

  • A Doctor Who doll for Stacy
  • An Ipod Case for Stacy
  • A Dragon
  • A Painting for 4-H
  • A Gnome Chunkie Book
  • 3 Wizard of Oz trading Cards
  • A gnome project for a swap
  • A nativity to sell to a friend of mine
  • And a Master Doll

Yes I am going to be a very busy girl...

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