Friday, July 18, 2008

Wouldn't life be simpler if it was just like Saturday Morning Cartoons...

Do you remember when you were little and you would get up in the morning and watch cartoons? You could always tell who the bad guys were by their curly mustache, dark black cape, and most importantly their evil laugh. MMMMUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Unfortunately in real life it can be hard to tell the Good Guys from the Villains. Wouldn't it be nice if they really did walk around in capes followed by the occasional flash of lightening. Instead they hide behind paper smiles and cranky additudes.

How do you know when someone is a villain in disguise or simply having a bad day? How do you know if someone is evil or you just quite simply don't get along. When do you offer grace and a second chance and when do you just learn to keep away?

Then there are the so called "Good Guys". Why is it that the people you put the most trust in always seem to hurt you the worst. Why is it that just when you decide that some one is good you discover that they have been out to get you the whole time. How can you trust someone when you know that they will ultimately let you down?

Now yes I know that we are all humans, filled with selfish desires and ambitions to be good. But being created in the image of God but being a fallen creature really adds up to one heck of a dichotomy. Wouldn't life be simpler if it was just like Saturday morning cartoons...

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Keke said...

Teardrop. Wish I had wisdom. Just be true to your sweet self, put on your armor.