Friday, July 25, 2008

Doctor Who?

Here is a picture of one of my latest projects. I made this 10th Doctor doll for Stacy in exchange for a dress that she is going to make for me. I think he turned out... FANTASTIC! LOL. The jacket is removeable and I even made him a little sonic screwdriver out of a pipe cleaner and a bead. My favorite part though has to be the shoes.
Look at that face! Could it get any cuter? Wait... I think I have an idea... PERFECT!
You can find the pattern for this attractive little doll at Snuffykins Live Journal
and the jacket was found here

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snuffykin said...

My, how handsome you've made him! I like the distinctive little details - the longer red Chucks with laces and circles, the sleeves, the so-clever grin shape & placement. He is happy to see you. :D

The beard is so cute! I've never seen the Doctor with a beard, but I've seen DT with one. Thanks for letting me know about your creation. :)