Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Good but Odd Ood, Serving Food on the Moon!

Are you liking the new blog layout? I am LOVING it! My friend Fedora and I set up a swap for it. She got this adorable stuffed Ood (an Alien from the British Scifi show called "Doctor Who". We are both kind of obsessed with it!) and I got that beautiful banner! We both think we got the better end of the deal, so I guess it worked out well!
His name would be Frank, that is if Oods had names.
I would provide a link to the pattern but unfortunately the designer is currently being sued by BBC for copy right infringement. Oops...


pattis1234 said...

You and Tory are too weird for life!

Mrs. Salvador (the birth mother of one of the "different" ones)

kzank16 said...

The Ood pictures with the Dr. Who backgrounds are hilarious! They almost look real!

Tory said...

I absolutely LOVE my Ood! Those pictures are amazing.

I must confess, I have taken to calling him Frank. No, it's not technically correct, but it's a heck of a lot easier. As in, "I should go get Frank!" versus "I should go get the amazing Ood that Bodecia knitted for me!" Yeah. You can see my point.

Keep on knitting, my friend.