Monday, July 28, 2008

Griffith and Me!

Everybody, I would like to introduce you to my new buddy Griffith! He is a small plush Llama, that some good friends brought back for me from the Cincinnati Zoo. He is incredibly soft, cuddly and really likes popcorn. He traveled around with me in my purse all week long and here is some stuff that we did together...

Monday was the last night the Ross' were here so we decided to go watch the new movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth". We really liked it but I had to cover Griffith's eyes for some parts.
While we were there we met the cast of "Highschool Musical". Zac and Griffith really hit it off.

Tuesday the Ross' left and I didn't have to work, so I spent most of the day in my PJ's (or rather Jimjamms as the Doctor calls them) watching "Doctor Who". Griffith and the Doctor also got along great. What can I say, Griffith is a people person... er... Llama. Do I see a potential new companion?

Wednesday I had to work. We had the VP coming in to inspect our store so everything had to be perfect. BACK AWAY FROM THAT DENIM LLAMA! It took me three hours to fold that!
Thursday night we had a softball game that we... humiliatingly lost. But the good news is that afterwards we went to DQ for some ice cream. A vanilla cone, dipped in Butterscotch, with sprinkles is our favorite. If you are wondering why I look so surprised in this picture it is because Stacy tired to shove my face into my ice cream cone right as Olivia took the photo. That cheeky little rascal!
Friday Friday morning I spent cleaning my room. Griffith tried to help me fold laundry. He got a little lost. After that it was off to work and then to my sisters house to do art and watch Stargate Atlantis on her cable!

Saturday I went baby-sitting for a lovely family with three little ones. The kept me and Griffith on our toes but after they went to bed we had a little bit of quiet time to fill out the rest of my open house thank you cards.
Sunday morning I was on the worship team. It turns out that Llama's have very good singing voices.

We had loaned some friends our motor home and they brought it back on Sunday morning. Dad usually backs it on top of a small hill by our house. But Dad wasn't home and Mom thought she new a better way of parking it. Why not just pull straight up the hill? Here is why.

It was successfully stuck and after about two hours of my brother and neighbor trying to pull it out with a tractor and a lot of chain, and a good deal of pushing on Griffith's part, they decided to call a tow truck. I had to leave for work and while I was on my way I passed a GI-NORMOUS tow truck. "Whoa! Where is that going?" I asked Griffith and then I realized it was going to my house! Griffith and I had so much fun this week! Thanks so much my dear sweet friends for my fun new buddy!

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