Wednesday, February 3, 2010


"Lost" is a scifi drama about a group of people whose plane has crashed on a mysterious island. Over the course of five seasons we, along with the plane survivors, discover secrets and mysteries about the island as the group tries to redeem themselves from their pasts and escape. I don't care much for the show but Ryan and Louise really like it. I watched a couple of key episodes and Ryan and Louise got me all caught up on the rest because last night was the premiere of the final season. We were all very excited so we baked a cake. Or rather cakes.

Louise thought we should focus on a delicious tasting cake. So she made this AMAZING chocolate flourless cake that she then cut out a stencil of a logo from the show and dusted powdered sugar on top. I think it looked fantastic but it tasted even better. If you have never had flourless cake it is sort of like a fudge-brownie-pudding-thing-a-ma-jig. It is really hard to explain but with an entire pound of chocolate in this one little cake let me just say, you need to try some! There is only one picture of this cake because that is all Louise could get before Ryan and I devoured it.... yum.

I went for a more design oriented cake. I made a simple box cake and frosted it. Then I covered it in graham cracker crumbs, green coconut, pretzel and gummy trees, and sat it on top of a blue jello ocean. I also added paper cutouts of the main characters, and a crashed plane. I felt that the Swedish fish in the ocean were a very important part of this cake. Seriously, there is a ridiculous amount of fish in this show. Everyone is always either catching fish, eating fish, cleaning fish, cooking fish, even drying fish! I know they are on a island but do the fish really need so much screen time? I am surprised they don't have thier own spot in the credits.

Kate Austin- Evangeline Lilly
Jack Shephard- Matthew Fox
Fish- Fish

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