Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cherry Kingdom Valentine Swap

My sweet Aunt Keke, of CherryKingdom.blogspot.com, has decided to host a Valentines Day swap despite all of the craziness in her life. Actually I think it might be because of the craziness in her life. I think it is fair to say that art is a family trait with us and is always sure to cheer you up. There is nothing like a little beauty to make a day seem not quite so bleak.

The swap guidlines were for a medium sized matchbox. It was to be embellished and decorated and then filled with a vintage valentine, something sweet and as my Aunt would say some little "yumyums" or bits and bobs of pretty things.

My design was based off of this adorable Vintage Valentine I found, printed and reglittered.

The paper is part of a new Melody Ross design, sold at Archivers, that I am simply in love with. The paper, as if it wasn't pretty enough already, is also flocked.

I love birds. They remind me of Home and of my Momma and sweet spring days.

My piece still needs some yumyums, but I am hoping to get it in the mail, and off to my swap partner tomorrow. I am really happy with how it turned out and can't wait to see what I get in return.


Keke said...

Hey Sweetie,

Did you get your pkg today? You should have and if you didn't I'm going to cry!!!! Kim's partner was in Chicago and she got her's today so you should have for sure gotten yours, I mailed them at the same time! Boooo Hoooo I checked delivery confirmation last night and it said it was in route...

Oh I pray you did! By the way, your bird box is fabulous, spectacular, amazingly awesome! I think the other Jessica will love it!!! Thanks for playing along...
P.S. Merry Christmas a month and a half late too! Ugh, I put it in with your Valentines... And your right about the art thing...U.Jim thinks I'm crazy, but I tell him it's the only time I don't think about bad things...really I just think he hates the mess I make! LOL

XO XO A.Keke

Keke said...

Jess, I'm doing something funny, do you want to help me? Even though your mom has only one post on her blog and that was done in September I keep leaving her msg. on there. You'll have to get on and read my last comment to her...It's making me giggle really hard! XO A.Keke

P.S. Jessica sill hasn't rec. your box?