Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lets.. Get Ready To... RUMMMBBBBLE!

Tonight as I was taking my shower, I began to ponder deep questions. Questions like, Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? and Who would win in a battle, a Pegasus or a Narwhal? Since the answers to those first two questions can be found quite easily in the Bible I began to contemplate the last.

At first I thought Pegasus hands down. If you have ever been kicked by a horse you know that they can pack quite the wallop, add on some majestic wings and you have a fighting machine. Also they can fly and walk on land where as the Narwhal can only stay in the water. I thought the Narwhals confinment to the sea was it's greatest disadvantage but the more I thought about it I think the fact that they can only be in water is one of its greatest assets!

You see because the Narwhal can not leave the water the Pegasus would have to take the fight to it. Now I have never seen a Pegasus swim but I doubt that they are very good. The Narwhal however is the master of this habitat, flourishing in the deep waters of the ocean, its agile body alows it to cut quickly and deftly through the waves. Also that strong horn protruding out of its forehead can be pretty scarey!

So when it comes down to it I am not quite sure who would win this battle, but I do know that I would like to be sitting a comfortable distance away with a bag of popcorn watching the whole thing. Now that's what I call PRO WRESTLING!

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