Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bees, Shoes, and other Dilemmas

Today was Beekeeper day at the my house! So Mom and I suited up and went outside. What do you have to do to be a beekeeper? Well first you completely cover your entire body. This means wearing my Dad's over sized dress shirt tucked into my old jeans and Olivia's baseball socks pulled up over the pant legs. This ensemble complete with beekeepers hat and gardening gloves was so attractive I feared posting a photo lest I be molested by millions of modeling agencies begging me to come work for them =).

After suiting up we went outside and followed the step by step instructions we found on the Internet. When we were finished, Mrs. Ross called us and told us what we should have done so then we did that. We escaped without a single sting! Hopefully we will have the same favor when we check on them again next week.

Then it was time for work. So I got all dressed in a cute t-shirt and pair of Capri's. Then I went down stairs and couldn't find any shoes that went with it. I normally wear my flip flops but they didn't meet with the work dress code. So afraid of being late I ran upstairs and put on the first pair of jeans I could find, a pair of white socks and my regular work shoes. Later when Mom dropped me off at work, I hopped out of the car and discovered my jeans were about three inches to short revealing my very DORKY white socks. Mom quickly drove me to the shoe store and I bought a pair of very cute shoes.

Now here is the dilemma, the shoes were very cute, comfy and practical, but also not cheap. Especially since I am very poor after coming home from my vacation down south (which was FANTASTIC!). I know it sounds silly and spoiled but the rest of the night I spent debating the value of cute-ness compared to the value of a full bank account while devouring a whole pack of peppermint lifesavers (Yum...)


Tory said...

I absolutely love your blogs, my friend. Keep up the hilarious work :)

Oh, and I dearly wish I could have seen your beekeeping outfit, though my eyes would probably have been seared from the glory of it all.

Tory said...

By the way, kudos for being the only blog on my 10-blog morning blogroll to have actually written something.

Keke said...

Cute shoes,a bunch of honeys bee keeping? Ok that was over the top!
Little known fact: I can't start my day with out checking my email for french word a day, sending the link to you, thought it might dazzle the bedazzeled! :) Todays word: brouette (broo-et) noun, feminine: wheelbarrow