Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meet Stinky...

Have you met my friend Stinky? No, well let me introduce you. Stinky is the air freshener that I received for my birthday. He is supposed to smell "Pine Fresh", however the package should have said "Overwhelmingly Potent". When I first opened the package I was so happy I hung him from my rear view mirror proudly, enjoying the pine-y scent. Then as I went down the highway the smell got stronger and stronger. I tried rolling down the window but it didn't help. My eyes were watering and I couldn't breathe, but I couldn't take him down, HE WAS JUST SO CUTE! If it was my car the adorable gnome would have been left up despite his... highly scented nature, but my Mom said it made her feel like she was going to barf, so my poor air freshener was banished to the glove box and given the nickname Stinky. It took Stinky a long time to lose his strong scent, almost 9 months actually. For a while there he was so strong that when I would lock my ipod in my glove box when I went into work it would come out smelling pine fresh! But Stinky has finally overcome his ... challenges and now he is just a cute gnome that keeps me company while driving.

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pattis1234 said...


I love your new blog design! I'm also so relieved that everything has worked out with Stinky! I was worried there for a few minutes:-)

Thanks for lovin' on Tory!

Mrs. Salvador