Saturday, May 31, 2008

Graduation... YUCK!

Yes I am a member of the class of 2008, and yes I have mixed feelings about it. I mean the whole thing is kinda silly. Take for example a open house. A bunch of people show up and "encourage" you by saying things like "Congrats on completing the last 12 years of schooling! Now only 2-8 more. Oh and by the way you have to PAY for these ones, did I say Congrats?".

Then you have those incredibly boring ceremonies, that the grads make their families sit through. You sit there for hours watching TONS of people you have never met before graduate, then you clap and cheer for the two seconds your grad is on stage and sit through some more mind numbing boredom counting the names until it is over. Thankfully I am home schooled so I got to opt out of the whole graduation ceremony thing. I wouldn't want to subject my sisters to the same torture that I have had to sit through several times already.

Also there is the ritual of senior picture taking. Oh goodie! For someone who doesn't care to get their picture taken, and has low self esteem, this is really no fun. Thankfully Olivia is taking my pictures and she can make almost anything fun. So we got started tonight and tramped all over our poison ivy filled back pasture in search of the perfect picture. After an hour we ended up with some goofy ones...Some good ones...

And some bad ones that were promptly deleted. We have yet to find "the perfect" one but we are going to take some more tomorrow.
Anyways, I guess what I am trying to say is graduating can be silly, boring, frustrating, and annoying, but despite all of these things, it is kind of a big deal. It makes me feel special and I am actually really looking forward to my open house.

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Keke said...

If you want high self esteem, you have to stand on a box! Otherwise there is no such thing. The pictures are beautiful, I esp. like the one with the tree branch.
I agree with you about the rest of the graduation junk, I hated mine too, but I wasn't given an option. My scanner is broken otherwise I'd send you a picture of mine. I have this picture of me in my cap and gown, I think I looked like a teletubby at kindergarten graduation!