Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 Here are some pictures from my trip to Colorado last week. I was originally only going to be able to stay for a short visit but thanks to a massive snowstorm back home I ended up being able to stay much longer! Hurray!

We had a great time visiting Estes Park, hanging out, playing wii, taking the kids to playclass, and visiting Toast...

I had so much fun sorting old baby clothes and "shootin' the shit" with Louise for a couple of hours. We talked and laughed and ooed and ahhed over all of our old favorite outfits. We were so loud that Ryan had thought we were playing wii in the basement!

I also enjoyed the surprise party that Ryan and I threw for Louise. We said we were going "shoe shopping" but really we went out and bought cake, balloons, flowers and presents. We came home hid all of the surprises, helped put the boys to bed and started cooking dinner.

I wasn't quite sure how we were going to set up the party in such a way as to surprise Louise but when a baby started crying Ryan saw his opportunity. "Hey Louise whay don't you go get that boy?" Ryan said. Louise was tired and asked if he would please do it, to which he firmly refused. Louise and I were both pretty surprised by his reaction. Then I realized what he was doing and quickly turned my back so Louise wouldn't see me hiding a giggle. Louise didn't pick up on anything and so upset, went upstairs to check on the boy. We sprang into action in her absence, got everything set and when Louise came down stairs she was so surprised! It was wonderful!

Boys are very cute and getting SO big. When they came and picked me up at the airport I greeted the boys with a "Hello Babies!" they smiled and giggled at me and stuck out their fingers for me to kiss them. I also love the way that they shout CAR! CAR! BEEP BEEP! Whenever they see something with wheels. 

Ryan and Louise have such a wonderful family and are such great parents. I love them all so much and can't wait to come out for my next visit.

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