Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Night Dinner:Chicken Cordon Bleu!

I am learning to cook.
I have been wanting to learn how to cook for awhile now but after a few miserable attempts (Lets just say curdled mushroom soup that tasted like dirt.... YUCK! Poor Ryan still ate it =) ) I was feeling pretty discouraged. However as part of my New Years Resolution (more on that later) I am picking up my apron and trying again.

Friday nights are my cooking nights and this weeks recipe is Chicken Cordon Bleu from, with brussel sprouts from "The Joy of Cooking" and mashed potatoes.

Emily and Stacy did all of the grocery shopping for me so that I could get started right when I got home from work. Thanks girls!

The recipe told me to pound the chicken with a rolling pin.... It sounded pretty scary but was actually REALLY fun. I might have over pounded it a bit....

Unfortunately my timing isn't the greatest so the mashed potatoes didn't make it but the chicken and brussel sprouts were done right on time!

Mmmmmm.... YUM!

Daddy said the brussel sprouts were the best he had ever tasted! The chicken was great and we even had some sparkling cider and chocolate cake pops for dessert! Yum!

 So my first Friday night cooking attempt was a success! Hurray! I might be single this Valentines day, but with a recipe like this I don't think I will be for long!


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Ryan + Louise said...

looks SO GOOD! Proud of you!!