Friday, May 28, 2010

Welcome to Moosejaw

Last night we threw Danny and Vic a Moosejaw Birthday party.

In case you are unaware, Moosejaw, is a tiny little town, where Daniel is Sheriff and Victor works the trains. When the boys were just little preemies, a lot of time was spent feeding tiny babies who barely opened their eyes. One day as Auntie G was feeding Daniel, who was wearing itty-bitty jammies with sheriff stars on them, she looks down and says "Are you a sheriff, honey? Do you have a pony? Oh, his name is Chappie... and you live in Moosejaw!" and from there the story grew and grew...

Vic grunted and groaned a lot as a baby so Auntie G thought he must have been shoveling coal on the train trip to Wyoming. The boys have a cook named Dinah who makes them pork chops and beans, three ponies, and a whole town full of stories, people and animals.

What does a Moosejaw party look like... Well... My Mom made these adorable bibs...

We made two banners for the boys that can be saved and hung in their bedrooms

And Emily and Auntie G helped me with all of the other decorations

Even Ryan's head got into the spirit of things!

Louise made yummy pork chops and beans, then we ate birthday cake...

Played with a little cowgirl..

Opened presents...(I even got one!)

And went to bed. It was a fun party and we look forward to seeing everyone in Moosejaw again really soon!

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