Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Going Home...

Time for anouther trip home. Hurray! Auntie G and Uncle Doug arrived late last night to stay for the next few days while I am gone. I have an early flight out tomorrow (rather unusual as I generally take the red eye) so I needed to get all my packing done today. Which means getting all my laundry done today. And showing Auntie G the ropes. And cleaning my room. And taking care of three babies... whew!
But Auntie G and Uncle Doug are a huge help! So is Baby Megan... she helped me pack my bag while the boys are napping. Isn't she sweet!

So it is off for a whirlwind four days. We are going up to Camp Barakel for a girls retreat and I am very glad to be going back to camp, I can't wait! I also get to see Emily and Olivia's soccer games which is going to ROCK. I am going to try and see a few people on the one day I am actually home and then Emily is coming back to Colorado to spend a few days with me. I am very excited. It is going to be SO much fun!


Grace said...

I'm going to be there too!

Ymryson said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you!