Monday, May 10, 2010

Monkey Princess

This is a Monkey Princess.

This is also a Monkey Princess.

This Monkey Princess,

Was made for this Monkey Princess...

Alexandra asked me to make a Monkey Princess doll for Baby Megan and I am so pleased with the result! I think it might be one of the cutest things I have ever made. This like most of my projects is my own pattern and I think I got the proportions just right. I also really like the look of firmly stuffed, tight single crochet in cotton. It gives it a very smooth, round, look that I am in love with. The face is wool felt and the tiara is some sparkley thread. She has little pink socks that stay on her feet just like Baby Megan!

I have gotten sort of attached to this little monkey in the two days it took me to make her. It is going to be hard to send her away to Baby Megan... She will just have to bring her along when she comes to play at my house every week!

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