Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who are you?

Hello Faithful Blog Readers!

Today I am blogging in a way that I have never blogged before. I am sitting in the college library in a full 16th century costume complete with two foot high white wig. Yes I am dressed as Marie Antoinette. Yes the person sitting behind me cannot see over my wig and yes I have gotten A LOT of funny looks.

You might ask why I am sitting her in full period costume and I would say because it is fun. Also College is having a costume competition where the winning contestant wins a $100 GIFT CARD FOR BOOKS! Yes, you heard right, 100 BUCKS! I am really hoping to win. One of my older sisters pulled a couple of all nighters to finish my costume in a matter of days, resulting in a beautiful costume that I sure think is a winner!

It is a kind of funny costume to wear. I love the way it looks, and the way the full skirt swishes around my legs when I walk, but nobody knows who I am! After the puzzled look subsides from thier faces I have had people guess I was:

A Princess
A Granny
Dolly Parton
A 70s chick

and several others who just had no clue what so ever. But don't worry I get my revenge when people mistake my costume. I stand there and go through Marie Antoinette's entire history, and the detailed explanation of all the aspects of my dress.

"Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen (November 2, 17555 – October 16, 1793), known to history as Marie Antoinette, was born an Archduchess of Austria and later became Queen of France and Navarre. At fourteen, she was married to Louis-Auguste, Dauphin of France, the future Louis XVI. She was the mother of Louis XVII, who died in the Temple Tower at the age of ten during the French Revolution..." "...she was executed by guillotine at the height of the French Revolution in 1793 for the crime of treason although no evidence of such was proven....""...Meanwhile, the queen began to institute changes in the customs practiced at court, with the approval of the king. Some changes, such as the abolition of segregated dining spaces, had already been instituted for some time and had been met with disapproval from the older generation. More importantly was the abandonment of heavy make-up and the popular wide-hooped panniers for a more simple female look, typified first by the rustic robe à la polonaise and later by the simple muslin dress she wore in a 1783 Vigée-Le Brun portrait..."

And on... and on... and on.... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A Homeschoolers revenge is sweet!

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Tory said...

LOL! Ahhh yes, Homeschoolers shall rule the world!

Dude, you better take lots of pictures :D