Thursday, October 23, 2008


I LOVE ETSY! I love buying things from etsy. There are so many cool people selling beautiful things and it is all available right at my finger tips. I could spend hours looking at Narwhal Paintings, or Mustache necklaces! It is amazing.

But what I love even more than buying things on etsy, is selling things on etsy! After years of my family and friends saying "You could sell that!", I decided to finally open a store on etsy and see what would happen. At first I only had a couple of items in my store. I didn't really do a lot with it. But as of about a month ago I started to really put the time into it. Getting a banner from my friend Fedora, filling in all the descriptions, putting my old items on sale, and uploading ten brand new ones. Last week I recieved my first purchase and since then have made almost $100 in crocheted goodies! I am so VERRRRRRRRRRY excited! I never thought I could ever actually sell anything on Etsy!

Now I am Etsy crazed. constantly checking in, making alchemy bids and crocheting like wild. If you would like to visit my Etsy store you can go to,

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