Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Loooove is in the Aiiir!

Teeheehee! That title got your attention huh. No not me, just everyone else in my math class.

When we have a math test we are alowed to leave as soon as we are finished. Today like almost every other test day, when I went to leave class there was a whole little line up of boys standing in the hallway outside our class room. Why were they standing in the hallway? Because they are twitterpated thats why! Yes its true, almost every boy in my class has a crush on one of the girls. When I pull into the parking lot I can see all the guys in my class waiting in their cars for the object of thier affection to arrive. When she gets out of her car, they quickly jump out too and pretend that they only just got there so they can walk the 1/4 of a mile to class with them.

They sit by each other, go on "study dates" walk to and from their cars together, text each other during class. It makes me a little sick to my stomach in a sweet kinda way.

Your next question might be "Well, well, well, Bodecia, does anyone walk you to and from your car? *eyebrow wiggle*". The awnser to that question would be a resounding NO. I think I am uncrushable. I don't know why, my older sister is the same way. We like to think that it is because the boys all know we are WAAAAAY out of thier league. LOL Also I think it is because we know the rules of College flirtation.

1) If you like a girl introduce yourself and ask if you can be study partners. Exchange numbers "just in case something comes up and you can't make it to class". Then let your dog convinently die and skip class. This way you can call her to get the notes and you look like a senitive guy who is responsible and commited enough to have a dog.

2) Try and get in the same lab group, that way the girl can see how smart you are and you can get to know one anouther 4 hours a week for the next 16 weeks of the semester.

3) An easy conversation starter with someone you like is "So what degree are you going for?". This leads you down an open ended conversation with the possibilities to learn all kinds of things about her.

4) Walk the same way as she does to her classes even if it means going 45 minutes out of your way so that you can casually meet up and get to know each other.

5) And if you REEEEEAAAAALLLLY like a girl after you have completed rule 3 you can switch your major, so that you two can take the same classes together for the next 4 YEARS!

So there you go the 5 easy College flirtation rules that if followed correctly will almost always end in marriage... or a restraining order.

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