Monday, December 13, 2010

Wedding Bells...

Sam got married! Claire, Kathryn and I drove up to Barakel last weekend for Sam and Cody's wedding. It was absolutely lovely. I was interested to see what a wedding at Camp would look like and it was gorgeous. Sam put a lot of love and hard work into making her ceremony beautiful and not a single detail was over looked.

Claire and I bought a crock pot and recipe book as our wedding gift. We decided what gift we were going to buy in about two seconds but the wedding card was a little harder.

Why do they not make funny wedding cards? All of the cards are these long, sappy romance novels, with doves and swirly hearts all over the front. What would a funny wedding card even say? Maybe something along the lines of "Well I see you have finally settled. Its a good thing because nobody better was going to come along!" "Congrats, you finally met someone dumb enough to marry you!" "It's about time you old hag!" Hmm... maybe funny wedding cards aren't the best idea...

This was my first wedding for someone that wasn't a member of my family (Somebody didn't want any kids at their wedding!). I had such a good time! We played imaginary catchphrase with PG, I got to see GeG, and Melinda, and Kaytlyn, and I took a barefoot run. Across the baseball diamond. In the dark. With Claire. It was awesome. Also a tiny bit cold.

Here is a picture of Kaytlyn and I waiting under the mistletoe. Kaytlyn walked up to me in the middle of the reception and gesturing to the mistletoe said "If you were a boy I would totally kiss you right now!"

Speakin' of kissin' here is a picture of the Bride and Groom. Best of luck in Indiana, and wherever life takes you!

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