Thursday, April 8, 2010


I already told you about all of the cool plants we saw in Tucson, but there were a lot of other really cool things we did there too! Like the Desert Museum.

I think this might have been one of my favorite things we did. It is sort of like a big zoo of all the different animals that live in the dessert. We saw bobcats, frogs that if you lick them are hallucinogenic, tarantulas, rattlesnakes, scorpions, and lizards that squirt blood out of their eyes!

We got to see this really cool roadrunner. I had never seen one before and was very excited. Ryan said "If you listen really closley you can hear it say 'meep meep'" "REALLY!" I asked, "Er... No. I was teasing."

These are called javelina and they are giant furry pigs! I want one. I asked Ryan if I could have one and he said he would buy me one for my birthday. I am still waiting for that present. =(

And one of my favorites, quail! They have funny little hats that bob when they walk and they have a hillarious sounding sqwak. They are so cute!

Here are some more pictures from the Desert Mueseum.

Even with food on her face Louise is adorabe!

We also went to San Xavier Del Bach, which means "The White Dove of the Desert"

It was beautiful.

As you can see in this picture the building is currently under renovation. the left side has been restored and the right side is still under construction.

We got to take the babies for their first swim. Ryan's parents have a hot tub so we turned the temp. down, put the boys in swim trunks and took a dip. They loved it.

Look at those rolls!

Baaaaby shark do do dodedo...

Auntie G, Uncle Doug and I took off for the day and went to Old Tucson to see some "real" cowboys...

"Welcome to Old Tucson.... The Hollywood of the West!"
Old Tucson is a little town that they built to shoot a bunch of westerns in. Pretty much every Western ever filmed was at least partially shot here. Some of the most popular are "The Three Amigos" and pretty much anything with Clint Eastwood or John Wayne in it. =)

Me outside of Olsen's Mercantile. Some scenes from "Little House on the Praire" were shot here.

Now it is pretty much a tourist attraction with shootouts, rope spinning, and fudge shops. Auntie G says "This is more like the Frankenmuth of the West!"

Uncle Doug and I waiting for the shootout!

We did a lot of other fun things like going for a "hike" (our hike turned into us riding up and down on the tram while the babies took a nap =) ) in Sabino Canyon, went to a Rockies Spring training game and had a get together with Wayne and Danna's friends so they could meet the babies. My favorite part about the trip however was my birthday party!

On our last night in Tucson we were all sitting at the table talking and laughing, just finishing up dinner. Next thing I know the lights flick off and Ryan comes around the corner with a huge grin and a chocolate cake with candles! Everyone starts singing happy birthday. It was so nice! I was very surprised. Sometimes it is hard having two families, especially when they don't even know each other, and sometimes it is not. Sometimes things are just perfect, and everything is right...

This was one of those times...

I know this was a rather long post and congratulations on finishing it! I had a wonderful time in Tucson and can't wait for anouther trip!

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