Thursday, April 22, 2010


Stuff that I wanted to do when I came out here last Fall:

Go to the Opera
Bake a Souflee
Eat Sushi
Go Hiking in the Mountains
See the Stargate
Go Horseback Riding in the Garden of the Gods
See a Concert at Red Rocks

Fun Stuff that I have done since I came out here last Fall:

Went to Santa Fe, New Mexico
Went Line Dancing at the Grizzly Rose
Visited Dinosaur Ridge
Have seen almost every Downtown Mueseum (Only one more to go!)
Protested at one of the largest Pro-life rallies in the country
Ate pizza at Bea Jos
Went Panning for Gold. I even found a piece!
Hung out with some Hippies
Learned how to do Wheel Pottery
Joined the Trail Patrol
Went to Tuscon, Arizona
Went to a Fall Festival and ate disgusting Banana flavored Cotton Candy
Made new Friends
Became part of a new Family

Have been able to watch, love, and play with two adorable baby boys as they grow up!

When did they get so big?

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