Monday, March 7, 2011

Boy, Oh Boy!

Meet Max....

He is my new nephew.

I am now an Aunt!

Having worked as a nanny for so long I have started to think of babies as sort of transitory things. You love them, and you take care of them for a little while, but they aren't permanent so don't get to attached. Things change. For a little while you spend all of your time with them and then you might never see them again.

I found myself holding onto little Max yesterday, falling in love, but thinking in the back of my mind "Don't get to attached.... don't get to attached..." Then I realized, that this baby was ours. We got to keep this one and I could love him and spoil him and hold him forever because he was MY nephew and it was wonderful!

He really is a very good and calm baby. He got passed around to so many giggling and chattering Aunties yesterday and never really made a peep. At one point in the night however someone was holding him and he started to make a little face like he was choking or gagging on something. Everyone instantly jumped and the girls started saying "Give him to Amy! Give him to Amy!". I remember thinking "Don't give him to Amy. She has only had a baby for like 10 hours. How is she supposed to know what to do.... Give him to Mom!" But it was so sweet! The instant Amy had her arms around him and started cooing sweet little whispers his whole body relaxed, he got a little smile on his face, and snuggled right up into her arms. I was like "Holy Cow! My sister's a Mommy!"

So welcome to the world little Max... We are so glad you are here.

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The Stockings said...

Love this post. I actually teared up. "Get attached, get attached!" =0)